What’s the best way to keep your feet warm during winter SUP sessions? Some people don’t bother, but I do. Once the temperature level drops in autumn my feet get cold. No matter how fast you go on a SUP board, there is less blood flow in your feet than in your upper body during a SUP session.

Some of my tips:

  • make sure you have warm feet at the start of a session, warm up your shoes indoors and already put them on before you hop on your board outside.
  • wear layers; buy some neoprene or water socks to isolate.
  • buy good stuff for the really cold sessions; make sure you try some different shoes and layers. Maybe you can borrow a pair of a friend to see if it works for you.

What does my gear look like?

  • For chilly summer or autumn sessions I do have neopreen socks/shoes . Not fancy at all, you can get them at a sailing shop or just go to a big outdoor water sports mall like Decathlon.
  • My extra layer: neopreen water socks. These you will find in a sail or surf shop, used by a lot of athletes in the the sailing world to give some extra warmth. Mine ar from Magic Marine.
  • Extra warm winter boots 6.5mm, with soft fabrics on the inside. This pair really rocks for winter days, they give you a barefoot feeling. Often used by a lot of windsurfers. Atan Hot Mistral 6.5mm T4 Cold Water.
  • Last but not least, the Keen Gorgeous black/yellow neoprene. Made for water adventures, used by kayak and canyoning, but for me great stable and isolating for the cold winter days. Great grip on the SUP board. If really cold I wear them with the extra neoprene sock combination. So make sure you do not buy them too small. Brand new and already my favorite pair.

Any questions or tips? Just share them!